Indiana Jones Game Coming From Bethesda and Wolfenstein Devs (Nerdist News w/ Dan Casey)

Hold on to your potatoes, Indiana Jones fans! It’s time to dust off your bullwhips and fedoras because everyone’s favorite archeology professor is back in action. While we may still have a bit of a wait before we see Dr. Jones up on the big screen again, a brand new video game has been announced by Lucasfilm Games, Bethesda, and the developers behind Wolfenstein. Dan breaks down all the details on today’s episode of Nerdist News!... Read More إقرأ المزيد | Share it now!

Deadpool 3 Confirmed For the MCU (Nerdist News w/ Dan Casey)

The Merc With a Mouth is officially joining the MCU! When it was announced that Disney would be acquiring Fox, many fans wondered if or when we’d be seeing another Deadpool movie, and if so, whether the House of Mouse would allow the R-rated superhero to run amuck in their more family friendly universe. Well after much anticipation, it looks like we finally have our answer, and Dan Casey is here to break down all the details on today’s episode of Nerdist News.... Read More إقرأ المزيد | Share it now!

The Mandalorian Season 2’s Best Movie References (Nerdist Now)

The second season of Disney+’s smash Star Wars hit, The Mandalorian, wrapped up with a lot of questions and revelations about the future of Star Wars spin-off material. But who cares about lore?! They also offered heaps of classic movie references for the film geeks out there. From Sergio Leone westerns to Akira Kurosawa samurai flicks, here are some of our favorite cinematic homages in the Saga of Grogu on this edition of Nerdist Now.... Read More إقرأ المزيد | Share it now!

WandaVision Theory: Hidden Villain Could Be MCU’s Next Thanos (Nerdist News w/ Dan Casey)

Next week, Marvel’s Phase Four begins with WandaVision on Disney+ where the surreal series will set the stage for what’s to come in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Nerdist’s Rosie Knight has a theory about a secret villain that could have major implications for everything from Spider-Man 3 to Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness to the Eternals. Join Dan Casey on today’s episode of Nerdist News as we break down the theory that could connect them all to WandaVision!... Read More إقرأ المزيد | Share it now!

5 Classic Comics That Could Inspire Wonder Woman 3 (Nerdist News w/ Dan Casey)

Life as a Wonder Woman fan is good. But it could be better! While Wonder Woman 1984 may have received a bit more of a mixed reaction from audiences than its predecessor, that hasn’t stopped DC from fast tracking the third installment of the franchise, with director Patty Jenkins and star Gal Gadot set to return. Dan takes a look at some classic storylines from the comics that could be the perfect inspiration for Wonder Woman 3 on today’s episode of Nerdist News. ... Read More إقرأ المزيد | Share it now!