Living a Life on Ice | Continent 7: Antarctica

Imagine an environment with extreme wind, ice cold, volcanoes, and giant hidden holes on the sea ice you have to travel on; then imagine being responsible for all the lives you lead out into this environment. Field Trainer Tom Arnold explains.
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Injustice: Ground Zero Sets Stage for Injustice 2

If you’ve ever wondered how Harley Quinn views the world, then you might think about adding Injustice: Ground Zero to your digital pull list. In this DC All Access comics clip, we talk to writer Chris Sebela about this new digital first comic that tells the story of Injustice from Harley Quinn’s point of view. In a world where heroes are villains, can Harley actually be a force for good? Crazier things have happened, puddin’.... Read More إقرأ المزيد | Share it now!