The History of LA Car Culture with Evan Lovett | Season 7 Episode 3 | The InEVitable

MotorTrend’s Ed Loh & Jonny Lieberman chat with Evan Lovett – Creator of “L.A. In A Minute”! Evan talks about his love for Los Angeles, the genesis of “L.A. In A Minute”, his LA bonafides, Evan’s car history, LA car culture, why Jonny bought a Rivian, LA’s mass transit history, Hot Rod’s Magazine’s 75th anniversary, and the best food spots around LA! Get the full story here ➡️

3:00 – Why L.A.?
8:47 – Father was a boxing manager.
13:53 – Meeting Mike Tyson.
19:10 – Genesis of “L.A. In A Minute”.
32:48 – Handling anti-LA sentiments.
39:30 – Evan’s LA Bonafides.
42:20 – Working for the LA Times.
48:45 – Evan’s car history & LA car culture.
59:40 – Shopping for a new car.
01:03:02 – Why Jonny bought a Rivian.
01:06:33 – LA’s mass transit history.
01:12:55 – Best of LA Food – Pastrami, Mexican food, Tacos, Burgers, Pizza, BBQ & other gems.
01:33:51 – Hot Rod Magazine’s 75th anniversary.

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