EA’s “Worst Mistake” – The Tragedy of Battlefield 2042

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Even when stacked against the large and looming shadow of Activision’s Call of Duty, Electronic Arts and developer DICE always positioned Battlefield as the cream of the crop for first-person military shooters. Few would disagree the franchise’s penchant for hosting massive battles and dropping players into hectic vehicle-involved encounters set a precedent hardly rivaled. However, Battlefield 5 tested such thinking, launching in November 2018 to reviews that labeled it messy, unpolished, and technically unsound. The World War 2-set experience found better footing years later, but by that time, series faithful had cast their gaze toward the next major outing—Battlefield 2042.

To a degree, the futuristic Battlefield aimed to abandon and magnify the brand’s core tenets, parting ways with the usual Class system in favor of introducing Specialists. Mainstay features such as the scoreboard also took a back seat at launch in late 2021. DICE further eschewed tradition by not developing a single-player campaign to focus its efforts on building a live service. Unfortunately, 2042 arrived in a disastrous state, plagued with issues that would result in its categorization as the worst launch in brand history.

But after eating crow for months on end, Battlefield 2042’s developers eventually managed to improved upon the base game. Some wondered whether such change came too late, given that amid all the turbulence, EA shared its intention of overhauling the property with new leadership at the helm. The maligned 2021 entry could, thus, mark the end of an era.

This is the tragedy of Battlefield 2042.

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