Cursed From The Start – The Tragedy of Halo Infinite

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Halo 5: Guardians proved divisive amongst longtime fans who were disappointed that series protagonist Master Chief didn’t serve as the sole playable hero. Out of the backlash came a lesson for developer 343 Industries, resulting in the team establishing a new pillar for the brand going forward, which centered on paying homage to the Halo that Xbox gamers fell in love with years prior. Thus, the shooter that later bore the name Infinite returned Chief to the forefront.

The studio acted upon a few other ambitions as well, chiefly exploring a more open-ended gameplay structure and free-to-play multiplayer. It all manifested courtesy of engineers dedicating a good chunk of development to building a new set of proprietary tools, the SlipSpace Engine. However, admittedly insufficient management and a rash of technical shortcomings nearly prevented Halo Infinite from reaching its true potential, evidenced by the ill-fated Ascension demo that debuted during Xbox’s 2020 Games Showcase. As opposed to the fast-paced gameplay 343 Industries focused on showing off, poor visuals received the brunt of public attention, giving rise to internet memes and the game’s one-year-long delay out of the Xbox Series X|S launch window.

But even that delay and its subsequent improvements couldn’t ensure Halo Infinite left a positive and lasting impression on series die hards. Several post-launch woes plagued the experience, particularly on the multiplayer front, yet again inciting discussions about whether or not Halo was in good hands.

This is the Tragedy of Halo Infinite.

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