Battle of the 80’s: Car Craft – Mustang Vs. Camaro Pt. 2 | MotorTrend

Car Craft continues to build a 7.3L V8 Swapped 1989 Mustang and 1985 Camaro Z28 for the ultimate track throwdown at Willow Springs International Raceway. This time we show what it takes to get the Godzilla engine settled in our engine bay and new underpinnings for the Mustang along with new gauges and interior restoration. Finally, our Camaro’s 404 CI LS Stroker power plant comes together. The team is in a thrash – who will come out on top?... Read More إقرأ المزيد | Share it now!

Genesis GV60 vs. Tesla Model Y

Get ready for an electrifying face-off as we bring you an intense battle between two of the most sought-after electric SUVs in the market: the Genesis GV60 and the Tesla Model Y! In this gripping comparison video, watch as Justin Bell and Aaron Gold meticulously dissect the exceptional features and advantages of these top-tier vehicles to determine the ultimate champion. The GV60, with its captivating design, goes head-to-head against the Model Y, renowned for its state-of-the-art technology. Each vehicle boasts distinctive strengths and features, making this showdown a thrilling spectacle for all automotive enthusiasts!... Read More إقرأ المزيد | Share it now!