Tom Holland QUITS Social Media! JOHNNY DEPP NEWS! Dwayne Johnson Flexes His Control Over DC!

In this week’s Hollywood Headlines, we discuss Johnny Depp’s next big project and the Hollywood A-lister he is teaming up with. Does this mark a career comeback for Johnny? Plus, Tom Holland breaks it off with social media. Is the “Spider-Man” actor affected by what people say about him online? And, comic book fans are left confused over remarks made by Dwayne Johnson. Did the “Black Adam” actor’s ego deprive us of an epic big screen showdown?
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Top 20 Male Vs Female Movie Fights

Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 20 Male Vs Female Fights in Film. For this list, we’ll be looking at some of the best battles of the sexes in cinema. We’re talking about one-on-one fights between humans. This thus excludes group fights or battles between machines. Our countdown includes scenes from “Deadpool”, “Mortal Kombat”, “John Wick” and much more! What’s your favorite male vs female movie fight? Sound off in the comments.... Read More إقرأ المزيد | Share it now!

The Untold Story of Woodstock 99

The story of Woodstock ‘99 is a fascinating and troubling one. For this video, we’ll be looking at the festival’s history, legacy, and the events that occurred in 1999. Our essay will cover everything that went wrong with the festival, a dangerous concoction that led to Woodstock ’99’s infamous conclusion. Did you or anyone you know attend Woodstock ’99? Let us know about it in the comments!... Read More إقرأ المزيد | Share it now!

Top 10 The Boys Season 4 Rumors Explained

Can they really bring things up another notch for season 4? Probably. For this list, we’ll be breaking down the wildest plot points and characters that could factor into the next season of this dark superhero show. If you haven’t seen the first three seasons, beware of massive spoilers ahead. Our countdown includes a Black Noir return, a potential new Seven member, a Homelander/Ryan standoff and more! Which superpower do you think Frenchie would get if he got Compound V? Share your theories in the comments.... Read More إقرأ المزيد | Share it now!