Who Took The Candy? | Halloween Songs + More Kids Songs | Super Simple Songs

Who took the candy from the trick-or-treat bag? Find out in this Super Simple Halloween song for kids. Was it the ghost, the pirate, the monster, the witch, the vampire, or was it another Halloween costume? This Halloween version of the classic kids rhyme, “”Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar””, introduces a super fun game for Halloween parties and kindergarten, preschool, and ESL/EFL lessons.

This compilation of kids songs and nursery rhymes also includes “”Who Took The Cookie?””, “”Five Little Pumpkins””, “”Go Away!””, “”The Skeleton Dance””, “”Old MacDonald””, “”Five Little Monkeys””, and many more. Find more Halloween songs for kids plus games, party ideas, flashcards, worksheets, and more at http://supersimplelearning.com/halloween/

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