What If E.T. Is A Jedi Or Sith Lord?

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As a character, E.T. is a symbol of peace and understanding. But does he have a hidden motive that we never noticed in Steven Spielberg’s classic 1982 film? Join ScreenRant as we ask whether E.T. the extraterrestrial is strong with the powers first described in another classic film, from 1977.

In our “What If” videos, we’ll ask some crazy, insane and out-there questions about your favorite films and franchises. Maybe you’ve heard these questions before or perhaps you’ve asked them yourself.

Hopefully, after we look at all the facts, we’ll take you closer to finding an answer. And with this particular video, we have a doozy of a “What If.” Is E.T. the extraterrestrial a Jedi or a Sith Lord? Does the Force flow through him or her? Are the powers we see E.T. display in the original film an expression of the character’s potential in a galaxy far, far away? Does the fact that E.T. seems to recognize a kid in a Yoda costume mean that E.T. is aware of the hermit on Dagobah and the struggles between the good Rebellion and the evil Empire? Is the blink-and-you’ll-miss-it cameo of E.T.’s species in the senate chamber scene in The Phantom Menace a good natured Easter egg? Or is it much, much more?

Watch this video and comment below to include your own two cents. Help us determine whether E.T.’s stay at Elliot’s house was the first time the people of Earth interacted with characters from the Star Wars galaxy…

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