What Happens when Liquid Nitrogen hits Boiling Motor Oil?!! (#ad)

Motor oil is boiled to an extreme temperature, thermally shocked with liquid nitrogen, frozen solid, smashed with a sledgehammer, blended on high for 20 minutes, then put in the engine of my car.

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More Info:

FTC Disclaimer: This was a paid set of experiments, sponsored by Castrol Motor Oil. Thank you Castrol!

Please note: All motor oil spilled in this video was cleaned up, and contaminated materials were disposed of properly.

Thanks to Cody Reeder from Cody’sLab for the original inspiration. (https://youtu.be/anCaLpLURno)

Lubricating oils have a very high boiling point (somewhere around 300 degrees Celsius or 572 degrees Fahrenheit) but I wasn’t permitted to let the oil reach it’s auto-ignition temperature and make a massive fireball. It’s the dry season.

So I set it off at 425ºF, which is hotter than the boiling point of vegetable oil, but not hot enough to burst into flame.

The contraption for releasing the LN2 was homemade and of my own design (makeshift diy engineering) and cost about $50 in materials.

The idea was to observe physics in action between extreme hot and cold, from a very safe distance, and it seemed to serve that purpose well enough for me.

After observing the oil that survived all the extreme tests, I didn’t believe the chemistry was affected enough to be any concern to my engine. So just for fun, I put it in my car.

Thanks for watching. I hope you felt the fun and excitement of physics in action!

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