What about Star Wars Republic Commando 2? (Imperial Commando)

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It has been well over a decade since we were on our last mission with Delta squad, the infamous ragtag group of clones who took the spotlight in 2005’s Star Wars Republic Commando. A game that was praised for its rugged, challenging combat and excellent squad mechanics.

Unfortunately, just as the storylines were being put together for a planned sequel, LucasArts decided on a company-wide reboot. Most of the developers left the studios and Star Wars Imperial Commando was canceled early in development. Many years later, RepCom is still popular among fans who are patiently waiting to get closure on the game’s cliffhanger ending. We thought it would be a good idea to dive deeper into the probabilities of a hypothetical sequel and give you some of our ideas and suggestions for a possible Republic Commando 2.

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