TRACER x WIDOWMAKER – An Overwatch Ship in Real Life (Parody)

A date between Overwatch characters, Tracer x Widowmaker, a popular ship pairing from the game… that totally doesn’t make sense!!!
Overwatch in Real Life ft. Jimmy Wong! ►

Tracer x Widowmaker – An Overwatch ship in real life (Warp Zone Sketch)

Everybody loves to fantasize about Overwatch ships from the popular Blizzard video game. Tracer and Widowmaker seem to be two of everybody’s favorite characters to pair together from Overwatch, so we thought it would be entertaining to parody this idea, and see what funny moments might arise if these battle tested heroes actually went on a date together!


Tracer – Kelly Sparrman (
Widowmaker – Lizette Marie (YouTube channel coming soon!)
Bartender – Davis
Bar guy 1 – Odom
Bar gal 1 – Jamie Frost
Bar guy 2 – Fish

Directed by Michael Schroeder

Written by Michael Jonathan Smith

Edited by Chance Cole

Director of Photography – Joe Cheung

Gaffer – Michael Schmidt

Costume Designer – Keren Lin

Widowmaker Seamstress – Jamie Frost

Makeup – Roxanne Pike

Production Assistant – Or

Sound mixing – Matt Jones

Produced by Brian Fisher and David Odom

– The Warp Zone –
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