TotalBiscuit’s Arbitrary Video Game Awards – 2014

TotalBiscuit brings you the most arbitrary of video game award ceremonies. This is our “end of the year” video. Thank you very much for a great 2014, despite it being the most difficult and inconsistent year for the channel. We hope we can bring you a better 2015.

Category timecodes :-

Intro – 00:03
Award list – 2:09
Best Soundtrack – 2:50
Best Thing to come out of Crowdfunding – 8:06
Most interesting Gaming Youtube channel that isn’t mine – 16:20
The Stop Preordering Videogames award for Biggest Launch Disaster – 23:14
Most Impressive Aesthetic – 32:39
Best Expansion/DLC – 40:33
Best Mobile Game – 50:35
The game I turned my consoles on for the most this year – 58:08
The game that most surpassed my expectations – 1:06:43
The Sharpened Pitchfork award for dodgiest games company of the year – 1:17:55
The game that most needs to see the light of GabeN – 1:27:57
Outro and thanks – 1:34:41

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Footage credits
Wasteland 2 –
Castle Doombad –
Hitman GO –
Threes –
80 Days –
Halo 4 –
Drive Club –

Background music by OCRemix:

All footage used under US Fair Use doctrine.