Top 10 Movies that Take Place in One Room

Top 10 Movies that Take Place in One Room

This list looks at the greatest movies that used a single room setting for the whole movie, such as The Breakfast Club, Reservoir Dogs and My Dinner With Andre. WatchMojo looks at the greatest movies that take place in one room, such as Dial M for Murder, Rear Window, Rope, Carnage, Dogville, The Sunset Unlimited, and Sinners Go to Hell. Which Quentin Tarantino film that takes place in one room will make the list: The Hateful Eight or Reservoir Dogs? Hollywood produced movies and independent films both use single location settings for visual storytelling.

The settings must be literal rooms, so if you want to see Ryan Reynolds trapped in a coffin in Buried, be sure to check out our list for the top 10 claustrophobic movies:

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