Top 10 Dream Video Game Developer-Franchise Combinations

Top 10 Dream Video Game Developer-Franchise Combinations

Have you ever wanted to see James Bond in an Uncharted game setting, or Marvel heroes portrayed like Mortal Kombat characters? These hypothetical video game developer and franchise combinations are our best dream scenarios for creating an awesome and unique gaming experience

List entries and rank:
#10: NetherRealm Studios & The Marvel Universe
#9: Telltale Games & StarCraft
#8: Naughty Dog & James Bond
#7: WayForward Technologies & Mega Man
#6: Red Barrels & Five Nights at Freddy’s
#5: CD Projekt Red & Mass Effect
#4: PlatinumGames & Dragon Ball Z
#3, #2 & #1: ?

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For this list, we match up various media franchises with a developer who specializes in a certain type of game that would suit the genre of that media property. Not only would the developer stay true to the franchise, they may add new elements that compliment what came before or even reinvigorate a series that has fallen on hard times.

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