The WAN Show – Leonard Nimoy Passes & YouTube has 1B viewers & no profit! – Feb 27, 2015


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Timestamps courtesy of FlighterLuid & JJMC89

00:02:41 FCC approves Net Neutrality rules, reclassifies broadband as a utility
00:07:26 NVIDIA CEO and President on GTX 970
00:10:49 Leonard Nimoy dies at 83
00:13:55 New Office
00:18:40 New Office ChannelSuperFun teaser
00:27:18 This is the new Pebble
00:32:07 Windows Phone did not get Pebble support due to their CEO’s feelings about Microsoft
00:35:36 Google partners with Softcard contactless payment app
00:36:54 HTC One M9 leaked videos
00:42:23 Moto E 2015 live unboxing – $149 with LTE unlocked
00:45:49 Lenovo CTO: “Hey, look around – we’re not the only ones with a crapware infection”
00:48:10 Intel plans to drop silicon after 10nm
00:52:45 Sponsor – XSplit
00:55:52 Sponsors for PAX East – HyperX & Phantom Glass
00:58:48 Sponsor – Massdrop + live unboxing
01:02:54 Phase change integrated case order confirmed
01:05:30 Apple acquires Camel Audio
01:06:44 Mercedes Chief laughs at Apple’s rumored self-driving electric car
01:11:59 YouTube: 1 billion viewers, no profit
01:21:34 Dying Light My Apocalypse version costs £250,000
01:22:22 Seattle PD bodycam footage now uploaded to their YouTube channel
01:25:28 [RUMOR] Apple Watch event announced for March 9
01:26:32 [9to5Mac poll] 60% want Apple to thicken the next iPhone to improve battery life
01:26:59 Intel to rebrand the Atom series
01:27:27 Google’s new AI has already learnt how to crush us at 49 games
01:29:29 Show wrapup