The Puppet Actor: Steve – Learning Town Episode 6 Bonus

Steve the dog reveals this is his first union acting job and chases down all the crew members trying to figure out what everyone does on a film set.

Watch LearningTown Episode 6 here!
Comedy duo Paul and Storm take over legendary kids’ TV show LearningTown and with the help of timid producer Cookie and super fan Teddy, try to keep from completely screwing everything up.

Directed by Ethan Cushing
Cinematography by Ramin Shakibael and Lindsey Koens
Sound Mixer/Boom Op by Tara Perry and John Heilmann
Edited by Ethan Cushing
Puppet Design by Russ Walko
Title Design by James Deuling
Theme Song by Parry Gripp

Steve – Keith Reay

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