The History of Red Dead Revolver

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The first episode in our multipart history series about the Red Dead franchise.

When it comes to Western video games, it’s hard to think of a title more iconic than Red Dead Redemption. While the genre has been around since time immemorial, with players able to brave the American frontier as early as the 1970s with The Oregon Trail, Rockstar San Diego’s romantic, yet unashamedly human open-world game resonated more strongly with players than anything that had been released before…

But prior to Red Dead Redemption becoming renowned the world over, it was preceded by a much more modest game. A light-hearted third-person shooter, filled with cookie-cutter heroes and Hollywood villains, which would have been even more absurd than it ended up being had Rockstar Games not intervened. A pre-nascent experience that failed to earn the same critical and commercial mindshare as its successor, but needed to happen so that its developer could become what it is today and Red Dead Redemption could eventually exist.

This is the history of Red Dead Revolver.

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