The History of Red Dead Redemption

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As Rockstar Games entered the seventh generation of video game consoles, the acclaimed publisher slowly began to trim down and reinvent its catalogue. Rather than providing a wide variety of experiences that each tried to do one or two things well, Rockstar started focusing on leveraging the Grand Theft Auto series’ popularity and appeal, and offering a much smaller pool of games that featured similarly open-ended designs. And none of the company’s franchises were more primed to be reinvented in this manner than Red Dead.

2004’s Red Dead Revolver had been far from perfect. Its decent gunplay and atmosphere had been hamstrung by a middling cast of characters and story, resulting in an experience that wasn’t quite on the same level with the rest of Rockstar’s properties. Yet its setting had always struck those involved in its creation as the perfect environment to flesh out into a sandbox, and a great foil to the urban sprawl featured in the rest of Rockstar’s franchises.

The process of translating this into an actual game would prove tumultuous for Rockstar San Diego, pushing them to the brink as they struggled to recreate the American Frontier more completely and authentically than any other studio before it. But when their work finally concluded, the world would be treated to what would become one of the most beloved video games of its generation – and an equally excellent expansion.

This is the history of Red Dead Redemption.

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