The Cancelled RTS + FPS – Investigating Tiberium

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The Command & Conquer series is one of the most successful real-time strategy franchises of all time. From the original “Tiberium” games to the Red Alert spin-offs, the Generals entries, and beyond, the series has consistently produced some of the most exciting RTS experiences available, with a focus on intense action sequences supported by light base-building and resource-gathering elements.

While the Command & Conquer games were a great addition to any real-time strategy gamer’s collection, the series was never able to successfully cross over into other genres, like the lucrative first-person shooter category of games. Command & Conquer Renegade attempted to bridge the gap in 2002, but only received a lukewarm reception, offering a mediocre single-player campaign with some fun but short-lived multiplayer

The Command & Conquer franchise seems like it would translate over to the 3D action realm perfectly: it has a rich, campy backstory that would provide the perfect backdrop for an over-the-top action game akin to the Call of Duty or Battlefield franchise, and the series’ strategic roots could lead to some innovative base-building elements in a first-person shooter game, especially in the multiplayer realm.

So it was heartbreaking for fans of the series to discover that a very promising, first-person take on the Command & Conquer games was cancelled shortly after its announcement in 2008, having been canned by EA Games. That game was dubbed simply “Tiberium.”

Narrated by Steve Petitt
Written by Kyle Mann
Directed by Ailert Riemersma

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