Voting closed! The XENOMORPH WINS! The Xenomorph is the universe’s ultimate killing machine. Superman is the powerful Man of Steel. But which movie alien is better? Subscribe:

Ti will make the case for Clark Kent, aka Superman, aka The Last Son of Krypton. Cruz will represent the Xenomorph, aka the Alien, the universe’s ultimate killer. But we’re asking YOU to decide between these two iconic extraterrestrials!

THANKS FOR VOTING, EVERYONE! The Xenomorph has emerged victorious (though it has not necessarily emerged from a Kryptonian chest cavity). Stay tuned for the FINAL round, where the Xenomorph takes on Goku!

Who do you think won the debate? Did Ti or Cruz infuriate you by failing to make an important point about their respective alien’s awesomeness? Do you prefer your aliens good or evil? What’s your favorite movie alien? Do you think either debater deserves to be the ultimate victor in ALIEN WARS?

Let us know in the comments below!

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