Superhero Origin Stories! – Superhero In Training Ep. 2

It’s time for the origin story of our Superheroes. In the movies, origin stories involve radioactive chemicals, or alien biology. But when you’re getting into superhero shape, origins involve a lot more work – stretching, nutritional consulting, and a lot of heavy weights. FOLLOW THE QUEST!! Subscribe:

This week, or heroes are confronted face-on with just how hard this work is going to be. In order to be camera-ready, they’re not just going to have to work out hard, they’re going to have to work out smart. Superstar trainer Steve Zim shows our team often-overlooked strategies, like when to lift heavy, how to bulk up the right muscles, and how to gain the right kind of muscle.

They’d better pay attention, if they want to look good in our SUPERHERO MOVIE!

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Thanks to Julianna from Cinema and Spice and Joe Penna aka MysteryGuitarMan for joining us on this crazy journey!
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Welcome to Superhero in Training! Where four ordinary citizens take on the mantle of superheroes, but before they can do that – they have to train. This is the origin story of four awkward youtubers getting fit. Under the tutelage of celebrity trainer Steve Zim, who’s trained everyone from athletes, to Chris Evans and Christian Bale, stay tuned every Thursday to see who survives and who doesn’t make the cut. All leading up to one kick ass film where the superheroes will be born!