QC#98 – Bite Club

“Bright Pink” dipping chocolates and a homemade silicone mold team up to parody an infamous bar of soap.

2lb SmoothSil Foodgrade Silicone: http://amzn.to/21k9Eex

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Project Inspired By: Fight Club – the movie. I thought it would be funn to make an edible bar of soap, and then the idea of “Bite Club” hit me and it was too perfect.


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Project History & More Info:

After I made a bar of soap using bacon grease and drain cleaner, I was inspired to try making a chocolate version just for fun.

I found bright pink candy melts at a local super center that were the perfect color, so I designed a “Bite Club” parody in photoshop and had a local plastics company laser cut the template out of acrylic.

I used the acrylic positive to case a silicone mold, that I now use for casting parody chocolate bars.