QC#40 – Dragon Smoke

A cool snack that turns you into a dragon, temporarily.

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NOTE: This is mainly for demonstrational purposes because chances are, you don’t have access to liquid nitrogen.

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Music By:
Music by Jason Shaw (RP-Clattertrap)

Project Inspired By:

“Whipped Cream Frozen With Liquid Nitrogen Turns People Into Dragons”: (If you check out this video, please leave them a comment that you came from Grant Thompson’s channel and that I gave them credit for the idea 🙂 Thank you! http://bit.ly/WhipCreamDragons)

WARNING: This video is mainly for demonstrational purposes. Although Liquid Nitrogen isn’t readily accessible to the general public, it should always be treated with caution and respect. At a temperature of -321F, it will start to freeze organic matter within seconds. Never drink liquid nitrogen. Use of video content is at own risk.

Project History & More Info:

The majority of people don’t have access to liquid nitrogen, and those who do, should be familiar with the risks associated. I do not recommend anyone actually try this, but if treated with caution and respect I feel it’s a safe enough experiment that it could be easily duplicated without incident.

Are you reading the description? If so, leave a comment using the word “RAVIOLI” in a sentence, and let’s see how confused everyone else gets 😀

About the demonstration:

To get this effect, I sprayed a line of whipped cream into a bath of liquid nitrogen for 5-10 seconds.

The cream is very light and fluffy and full of air, so it freezes almost instantly. I found that by rolling the frozen cream around on my tongue while chewing very gently, massive amounts of vapor would shoot out of my nose and mouth.

It’s speculated that there may be a danger if large pieces of cream are eaten, as it could quickly shock-cool the mouth and cause tissue damage and/or microfissures in tooth enamel. To avoid that risk I just roll the cream quickly on my tongue. If you roll it fast enough, it doesn’t even feel cold at all.

Assuming that my mouth is approximately 98.6F and liquid nitrogen is -321F, there is a difference of nearly 420F. As the super cooled cream contacts my mouth, it instantly condenses my breath into water vapor, and that is the fog you see coming out of my nose and mouth.

I highly recommend having a warm drink within arms reach so you have a way to warm your mouth back up, just in case it gets uncomfortable for any reason.

Again, the majority of people won’t have access to liquid nitrogen, and those who do should be familiar with the risks associated. I do not recommend anyone actually try this, I only say that this is what happened when I tried it for myself. 🙂