Previsualization Pros Share How Blockbusters Come to Be! – Film School’D Extra Credit

Previsualization has become a vital step in the filmmaking process. We sat down with Daniel Gregoire and Clint Reagan from industry leader Halon Entertainment to talk about the pre-visualization art, science, and magic. Subscribe:

Previsualization is the art of visualizing the movie before shooting the movie. From sketches in the early days, to storyboards, to mocking up sequences with toys… filmmakers have been previsualizing film for as long as there has been film. At Halon Entertainment, Gregoire and Reagan use the latest technology to bring the film to life before the cameras start rolling.

They sat down to talk about how they got started in the pre-visualization world (and how you can too!), the roles they play in the making of a film, and the role previs plays in the film industry. They’ve working on films like Star Wars Episodes II and III, War of the Worlds, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Moulin Rouge, 300: Rise of an Empire, Life of Pi, and (many!) more.

What did you think – did you learn something new? Are you interested in learning more about pre-visualization? Would you like to see more extra credit interviews like these? What other topics would you like us to cover on future episodes of Film School’D?

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