Power/Rangers and Copyright Issues – CineFix Now Roundtable

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Power/Rangers, the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers fan film starring James Van der Beek and Katee Sackhoff, has been pulled from Vimeo and YouTube due to a copyright complaints by Haim Saban. Which raises again complicated questions about copyright, fair use, and fan participation. Quite a debate, and we’re sure developments will emerge in the weeks to come. Read more here: http://goo.gl/AebAi6

On the other hand, we’ve got LEAKED footage and concept art (kind of fan art), that has led to actual, real films being made by the actual, real production companies. So, works for Neill Blomkamp and Alien and Deadpool….

On the other hand, if you’re nostalgic for decades past in a non Power Rangers sort of way, Kung Fury is a success story that pulls from no established franchises, and yet uses tropes from all of them. After a successful kickstarted, the 30-minute film from Laser Unicorns will be out soon. Check out the trailer until then: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=72RqpItxd8M

And if cheesiness is really your thing, you probably want to see Big Game as much as we do, starring Samuel L. Jackson, Victor Garber, and Onni Tommila as the 14-year-old kid who rescues the President of the United States from terrorists with his bow and arrow. No, really: http://youtu.be/pKW2OMyMI94

Also, Tomb Raider is going to be a movie again: http://goo.gl/EuZz96

So, what’s your opinion on fair use? Where do you fall on the boobie adventure spectrum? What’s your favorite fan film to hit the Internet? Do you like your movie cheesiness ironic, as in Kung Fury, or straight up, as in Big Game? Who was YOUR favorite Power Ranger? Is the thumbnail to this video blue and black, or gold and white?

Let us know in the comments below!

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