“No Drip” Popsicle Trick

A genius idea to prevent sticky hands and drippy popsicles this summer. #lifehack

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Music By: HotLoops (Atmosphere)
Commercial rights purchased from audiojungle.net

Project Inspired By: Angela Teachout

WARNING: Use products as directed by the manufacturer. Have fun, but always think ahead, and remember that any project you try is at YOUR OWN RISK.

Project History & More Info:

2 years ago my wife had a friend come visit from Arizona. We were talking about popsicle life hacks, and she said there was a trick she used with her kids to prevent popsicles from dripping altogether.

Simply use Jello to make the popsicles instead. Genius!

It’s an amazingly simple idea, and works great.

I filmed and produced this video over a year ago, but didn’t get it out before summer ended, so I’ve been sitting on it until the right time of year to release it again.

This, along with “Teddy Bear Toast” (http://bit.ly/TeddyToast) is perhaps one of the simplest and least dangerous projects on my channel to date, and one that most anyone should be able to do safely.

It’s a simple idea, and another great life hack to add to your list this summer, so why not give it a try 🙂

Thanks again for the idea Angela!

Enjoy! 🙂