Marry, F#@k, or Kill: Cinematic Party Animals Edition!

Before we go out for New Year’s Eve and channel our inner party animals, we’re sitting down to discuss party animals in cinema. Namely, which ones we would Marry, F#@k, or Kill. Subscribe:

Our panel considers the pros and cons of four iconic movie party animals. The contenders are:

Bluto (John Belushi) from Animal House
Beetlejuice (Michael Keaton) from Beetlejuice
Kid N Play (Christopher Reid and Robin Harris) from the House Party Series
Van Wilder (Ryan Reynolds) from Van Wilder

We’re trying out Marry F#@k Kill with cinematic party animals as a New Year’s Eve special, but let us know what you thought of the show, and what you’d like to see us discuss in possible future editions. Also, let us know your own answer to the very important question our panel discussed: Which movie party animal would you want to Marry, F#@k or Kill, and why?!?

Let us know in the comments below!

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In Marry F#@k Kill, we put our high-level academic analysis movie knowledge and cultural analysis to bear on a 5th grade-level question: Given the choice, who’d you Marry/F#@k/Kill.