Kojima’s Cancelled Masterpiece – Investigating Silent Hills

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When a video game is cancelled, it can be difficult to judge how it would have fared if history had gone differently. Most of the time, the public is only treated to a small snapshot of the title’s content; some screenshots, a bit of canned footage or maybe even a vertical slice or two. As promising as titles like StarCraft: Ghost or Star Wars 1313 might have appeared during their brief existence, the reality is that the world only ever gleaned an idea of what these projects might have offered upon release. Even their developers have no way of knowing exactly how they would have netted out.

Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro’s Silent Hills is no different. Like so many failed projects before it, Silent Hills remains little more than a concept; a dream in the minds of its fans and the people that were working on it. But on the road to its demise, it birthed one of the most celebrated horror experiences of the past decade. A Playable Teaser, or P.T., that provided a sense of terror that was absent from so many of its predecessors, and helped reinvest a generation of players in the macabre.

Video game cancellations are tragic, and leave the world wondering what could have been. But they can leave behind more than just ideas – they can impart tangible experiences that are great in and of themselves, and serve as an impetus for change.
This is the story of Silent Hills.

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