Kings Court #2 – (10 New Frequently Asked Questions Answered!)

In this video I’m answering 10 more Frequently Asked Questions, and officially launching a Patreon page! (
2:59: #1: Are you ever going to go on TV?
3:46: #2: Why don’t you do Life Hack videos anymore?
4:12: #3: What camera gear and what editing software do you use?
4:35: #4: What was your favorite project?
5:42: #5: Why do you post a Quick Clip when you’re going to use the same footage again in the tutorial?
6:15: #6: Have you ever gotten hurt?
7:01: #7: Why don’t you get a Patreon page and hire an editor?
7:19: #8: Are you an engineer?
7:47: #9: How much do you spend on your projects?
8:50: #10: Where do you buy Liquid Nitrogen?

0:29: Candy LEGO & CVX Reminder. Tickets to see me:
0:59: Update on what’s happened in the last 2 weeks
1:40: I have a Patreon Page! Let’s make our alliance official! 🙂

Endcard Links:

Skyblaster Slingshot:
Stealth Shelf: Coming Soon!
Touch Powder: Coming Soon!

Music by IntelligentMusic – “Atmosphere”
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CVX Live 2016 Info:

Friday March 25th & Saturday March 26th in Orem Utah

Friday: Public meet and greet from 3pm-5pm.

Saturday: Public meet and greet 12pm-2pm
Private meet & greet 4pm-4:50pm (Superfan experience up to 100 people)
Main stage performance on Saturday the 25th at 6:30pm-6:55pm. Premiering a never before seen video.

Tickets will be delivered via email and your QR code will be scanned (mobile device or print) at the event for entry. 

Ticket portal:

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