Interstellar – After Credits

The After Credits scene for Interstellar.
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What the heck is this!? Well person, I’ll tell you. How It Should Have Ended and Screen Junkies have been working together to make “After Credits”, an animated show for, where we imagine what would happen in your favorite movies if they were given an after credits scene. So please enjoy a little taste with our After Credits of Interstellar. We will get to post occasional episodes here over time but the entire After Credits library will live at so go there if you want more! They will launch 4 episodes every month for Plus Memberships.

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After Credits does not interfere with our regular HISHE production so before you say WHERE IS BVS ALREADY!?? the answer is we are already working on it… and also the movies only been out two weeks. We aren’t gonna make a rushed 2 week HISHE for BvS. That’s just crazy.

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How It Should Have Ended

After Credits Credits:

Animatic – Mike Parker
Animators – Jazon Pineda, Lowbrow Studios
Character Designers – Dilara Mundy, Stacey Silva
Background Designer – Kressent Rhodes
Producer – Lowbrow Studios

Jon Bailey
Anna Brisbin
Daniel Baxter

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