How To Make A Styrofoam Handgun

By popular request, here’s the tutorial and Free Template for the Styrofoam Gun I made last March.
FREE Handgun Template:
RBguns M9 Tutorial and Template:

Make The Styro-Slicer:
How To Turn Styrofoam, Into Solid Aluminum :

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Music By: Scott & Brendo (“Beat Calls” – Instrumental)

Project Inspired By:

TheArtOfWeapons (, and Rbguns (

WARNING: Styrofoam crafting involves high temperature cutting wires which can burn skin, and release small quantities of toxic gasses from the styrofoam itself. Metal casting should only be attempted under adult supervision, by those skilled in the process, and who understand the risks. Have fun, but always think ahead, and remember that any project you try is at YOUR OWN RISK.

Project History & More Info:

This project was born after I ran into an awesome design for a wooden Rubber Band Gun designed by “RBGuns” a couple of years ago. (

I had recently seen a “lost foam casting” tutorial by “The Art of Weapons” that inspired me to try it myself, but rather than make a slingshot, I wanted to try something a little different.

I tried styrofoam-casting a gun from the Rbguns M9 template, but the metal didn’t flow properly in the sand, and it failed on each attempt. And each attempt was a lot of work.

I soon realized the foam gun needed to be one solid piece, so I spent a couple of days redesigning it in photoshop, using the RBguns design for inspiration, then tweaking it with minor adjustments until I could get a successful cast.

I expanded the trigger guard nearly twice as large as the original was, because that was the biggest problem area for each of the aluminum casts because the metal would stop flowing and wouldn’t complete the model.

This final design has served me well, and looks really great in styrofoam by itself! So there’s no need to cast into metal if you don’t want to.

I’ve had requests for the template, and how I made the gun since the day I first released the metal casting video, so in response to popular request, I’m happy to give you this tutorial, and template for free.

FREE Handgun Template: