Game of Thrones: Who is on Your Character’s iPod?

Winter is here, and we all know the right soundtrack can make all the difference in surviving the cold weather — and the oncoming war against the Army of the Dead. So we caught up with the Game of Thrones cast at the Los Angeles premiere for Season 7 and asked what would be on their character’s iPod. From Sansa (Sophie Turner) to Bran (Isaac Hempstead Wright) to Varys (Conleth Hill), their surprising answers told us a lot about our favorite power players, and just where their heads are at in the latest season.

Featured Cast:
Sophie Turner “Sansa Stark”
Jacob Anderson “Grey Worm”
Indira Varma “Ellaria Sand”
Isaac Hempstead Wright “Bran Stark”
Conleth Hill “Varys”
Tom Hopper “Dickon Tarly”
Jerome Flynn “Bronn”
Aidan Gillen “Peter Baelish”