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Five little ducks went out one day, and you’ll never guess what happened next!! (SPOILER: They all came back 😊.) One of the world’s most popular nursery rhymes, this Super Simple version of the children’s song Five Little Ducks is sung clearly and paced appropriately for very young children, but still a lot of fun for older kids as well. Everyone loves to hear Mother Duck say “Quack quack quack quack” 😆.

In addition to 5 Little Ducks, this collection of kids songs includes more counting songs like “”One Potato, Two Potatoes”” and “”Five Little Pumpkins””, plus more of our most popular songs for kids like “”The Bath Song””, “”Row Row Row Your Boat””, and many more. Find more great kids songs and teaching resources at

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Song list:

Five Little Ducks
One Potato, Two Potatoes
Counting Bananas
Count And Move
Good Morning, Mr. Rooster
I See Something Pink
I Have A Pet
My Teddy Bear
Rock Scissors Paper Fingerplay #2
The Animals On The Farm
The Bath Song
Five Little Pumpkins
Wag Your Tail
We All Fall Down
Mystery Box #1
Hello Hello!
Head Shoulders Knees And Toes (Learn It)
Head Shoulders Knees And Toes (Sing It)
Head Shoulders Knees And Toes (Speeding Up)
Days Of The Week
Count Down And Move
After A While, Crocodile
Hello A, Hello Z
Goodbye A, Goodbye Z
Rain Rain Go Away
Row Row Row Your Boat
Old McDonald
The Shape Song #1
The Shape Song #2
The Alphabet Chant (Noodle & Friends)
The Pinocchio
Mystery Box #2
Mystery Box #3
The Hokey Pokey Shake
See You Later, Alligator

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