Drinking Games For Gamers: NFL BLITZKRIEG!

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This drinking games for gamers episode is for the classic NFL BLITZ series.

WARNING: Drinking too much can make ugly people appear attractive and may cause premature death. Please drink RESPONSIBLY! 🙂

1. Favorite German Beer
2. Jaeger
3. NFL Blitz (but not Blitz the League…)


Kick-off: Jaeger Shot

First Downs: Defense must take a swig of beer.

Turnovers: Offense must take a 5 second pull of beer.

Touchdowns: Defense must take a 5 second pull of beer.

2-Point Conversion: Successful conversion = a shot of Jaeger to the defense
Missed conversion = Shot of Jaeger to the offense.

Sacks: Offense takes a Jaeger shot

Fire: First Downs = 5-second pulls. Touchdowns/Turnovers = Jaeger Shots. Everything else is the same.

Between Quarters: Lowest Score = 5 second pull of beer

End of Game: Losing Team takes a shot of Jaeger and swaps out.

*NOTE: For this game we highly suggest limiting your play to 1-3 games MAX

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