Close Call: When a Hippo Flips Your Boat | Expedition Raw

Steve Boyes is a conservation biologist and National Geographic explorer. He is dedicated to the preservation of the Okavango Delta, the last wetland wilderness in Africa. He and his brother, Chris Boyes, led an expedition over 1,500 miles (2,414 kilometers) down the length of the Okavango River in 2015. Bringing together expedition, science, and documentary teams, they made it down the length of the Cuito River—a source river starting in Angola—to the delta’s end in Botswana.
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One of the unique things about this expedition was that the team uploaded data from the field daily via satellite to their website,, and a public API. They wanted to make the data available for anyone to remix, analyze, or visualize the collected information.

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PRODUCER/EDITORS: Kaya Ensor and Carolyn Barnwell
VIDEO: Kaya Ensor and Neil Gelinas
SERIES PRODUCERS: Chris Mattle and Jennifer Shoemaker
GRAPHICS: Chris Mattle and Babak Shahbodaghloo

Close Call: When a Hippo Flips Your Boat | Expedition Raw

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