California Living with LASA: Chef’s Night Out

Chad and Chase Valencia, the brothers behind LA Chinatown’s LASA, a modern Filipino-American restaurant, cook food inspired by their childhood and their experience of growing up in California. Whether it’s taking a classic dish like sinigang, a traditional Filipino stew, and swapping out the tamarind for rhubarb, the dishes at LASA honor the tradition of Filipino cuisine while embracing new techniques and approaches.

Chad and Chase recently opened their first brick and mortar location in Los Angeles, so they have a lot to celebrate on their Chef’s Night Out. The brothers head out with their Front of House Manager (and Chase’s fiance), Stephanie, Chad’s Wife, Paola, and Sous Chef, Nico de Leon.

They begin their night at Melody Lounge in Chinatown for a few beers, whiskey, and a mezcal cocktail. After some drinks, it’s time for a Cuban feast at Silver Lake’s El Cochinito filled with Ropa Vieja, Plantanos Maduros, Pollo Empanizado, Albondigas, and Key Lime Flan. What do you want after a super filling meal? Fried chicken, of course. The crew heads to Monterey Park’s Tokyo Fried Chicken for sake, fried chicken, and bonbons for the road. For a nightcap, it’s tequila and burgers at Everson Royce Bar in Downtown LA. The night ends at LASA for late night Pancit, a gigantic vat of Gyūdon-style beef, and rosé.

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