Brother vs. brother? Yeah, we went there! In today’s “Versus Live!”, we’re pitting the current Boy Wonder against the original. That’s right, it’s Damian Wayne vs. Dick Grayson. Robin vs. Nightwing. And it’s up to you to tell us who will win. Will Dick’s smart attacks and strategic thinking win out over Damian’s pure, unrestrained aggression? Or will the fact that Damian’s an al Ghul as well as a Wayne give him an insurmountable edge? Could they possibly decide they’re fighting the wrong Robins and team up to take down Jason Todd? (Hey, anything can happen, but if that’s your vote, you’ll have to write it in the comments section.) Who wins and who loses this epic matchup is entirely in your hands, so cast your vote at Read More إقرأ المزيد | Share it now!

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