20 Secret Superhero Movie Facts! (COMIC-CON SPECIAL!)

Here are 20 superhero movie facts only real fans know!
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So, you’re a big fan of superhero movies, are you? Do you regularly astound your friends with your unrivalled superhero movie knowledge? You might be able to recite the Christopher Reeve Superman movies word-for-word, perhaps you know which year every movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe franchise was released, and you might even know why Fox thought that awful 2009 version of Deadpool was a good idea, but what about all that lesser known superhero movie trivia from behind the scenes?There are a lot of facts about movies that might just take you by surprise – and that’s what this video is all about. Here’s a special superhero edition of twenty rapid fire behind the scenes movie facts…

Script by: Kevin Stewart

Voice Over by: Jacob Geller

The Mask | 0:39
Watchmen | 0:47
Howard The Duck | 1:00
Ghost Rider | 1:10
The Dark Knight | 1:17
Hulk | 1:27
Superman Returns | 1:37
Guardians Of The Galaxy | 1:48
Batman V Superman | 2:00
Deadpool | 2:13
X-men: Apocalypse | 2:26
Green Lantern | 2:38
Spawn | 2:47
Batman Returns | 2:55
Hellboy | 3:06
Tank Girl | 3:18
Blade | 3:27
Spider-Man 3 | 3:39
Steel | 3:50
Suicide Squad | 3:55

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