10 Shockingly Bad Scenes That Ruin Amazing Movies

Here are 10 famous movies with with hidden bad scenes! (Harry Potter, Star Wars, Captain America and more!)
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It’s very rare that you can claim a movie is absolutely perfect. Sometimes even our most beloved movies can contain scenes that for one reason or another just don’t seem to gel with the rest of the film. These are the scenes you take a bathroom break during, fast forward, or just sit there wondering what the filmmakers were thinking. You’ve seen our 10 Amazing Scenes In Terrible movies, now here’s 10 Awful Scenes in Amazing Movies.  

Script by: Noah Taylor

Voice Over by: Rob Flis @Rob_Flis

Edited by: Guillaume Borgomano

The Breakfast Club | 0:29
Django Unchained | 1:00
Interstellar | 1:26
Star Wars | 1:56
The Lord Of The Rings | 2:20
The Master | 2:47
Harry Potter | 3:17
Drive | 3:45
Gangs Of New York | 4:22
Captain America: The Winter Solder | 5:02

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