10 Shockingly Bad CGI Moments In Famous Movies

Here are famous movie scenes with terrible CGI effects! (Green Lantern, The Hobbit, The Matrix Reloaded and more!)
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On any given set there are a thousand different things for the cast and crew to keep in mind in order to prevent continuity errors and other mistakes, so it’s no wonder that some things slip through the cracks. With TV shows expected to pump out content at a faster rate than movies, it’s even more likely that even the best shows overlook a detail or two. Fortunately in this age of streaming, binge watching, and over analyzing, nothing gets by the Internet.
Here are 10 Shocking Mistakes In Hit TV Shows

Script by: Chris Agar https://twitter.com/ChrisAgar90

Voice Over by: David Macri

Edited by: Guillaume Borgomano

X-Men Origins: Wolverine
The Hobbit: The Battle Of Five Armies
Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
Green Lantern
The Matrix Reloaded
The Mummy Returns
Fantastic Four
Air Force One
King Kong

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