10 Most WTF Superhero Movie Costumes Of All Time

Here are 10 comic book movie costumes we are happy we didn’t see! (Batman, Superman Deadpool and more!)
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Getting the costume right is an integral part of any comic book film. As we all know by now, fans will painstakingly dissect each and every component of the suit to ensure that it’s up to par. The reaction to a superhero’s outfit could make or break the movie before it’s even released. And sometimes, the one seen in the final product isn’t even the first design. As creators search for an iconic look for their characters, they go through several variations, some of which could have been a disaster. Here are 10 most WTF unused superhero costumes of all-time.

Script by: Chris Agar https://twitter.com/ChrisAgar90

Voice Over by: David Macri

Edited by: Simon Gilberg @simongilberg

Batman | 0:36
Deadpool | 1:07
Alien TMNT | 1:42
Spider-Man | 2:13
Colossus | 2:46
Nicolas Cage Superman | 3:17
Falcon | 3:53
Darren Aronofsky Batman | 4:26
Original Black Panther | 4:57
Tim Burton’s Robin | 5:29

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