10 Most CONTROVERSIAL Superhero Movie Costumes That Shocked Fans

Here are 10 shockingly problematic superhero movie costumes!
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These days, the first look at a superhero costume can be the most important part of building positive buzz – or having fans write the project off completely. The latter seems to be happening more and more as time goes on. The first look isn’t always the final verdict, whether it’s a costume that brings the comic book version to life, or changes it completely. But sometimes, the fans’ doubts are proven to be a good sign – either that, or they never know just how awful the reality of the costume really was for the actor. Here are the 10 Most Controversial Superhero Movie Costumes of All Time.

Script by: Andrew Dyce @andrewbdyce

Voice Over by: Jacob Geller

Psylocke | 0:33
Captain America | 0:57
Green Lantern | 1:24
Catwoman | 2:00
Quicksilver | 2:34
Batman | 3:03
Wonder Woman | 3:26
Batman | 3:58
Harley Quinn | 4:29
Deadpool | 4:55
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