10 Most Controversial Comic Book Characters Of All TIme

Here are 10 superhero characters that have caused huge fan drama!
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For one reason or another, a surprisingly high number of comic book characters have caused controversy over the years. Whether they’re just generally controversial, have done controversial things in canon, or have sparked fan controversy through the way they’ve been depicted or adapted, heated discussions and public disagreements have been caused by them on a number of occasions. So, taking into consideration characters from the pages of comic books and their live action adaptations, here are the ten most controversial comic book movie characters of all time.

Script by: Kevin Stewart

Voice Over by: Rob Flis @Rob_Flis

Deadpool | 0:33
Wonder Woman | 1:09
Saint Of Killers | 1:43
Spider-Man | 2:12
Iron Man| 2:49
The Mandarin | 3:28
Superman | 4:02
The Punisher | 4:39
The Joker | 5:11
Captain America | 5:54

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