10 Famous Actors With Only ONE Good Movie Performance

Here are 10 big movie stars with only one good acting role! (Cameron Diaz, John Travolta, Jessica Alba and more!)
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“Good” is a really subjective term, and we all have our individual preferences when we go to the movies. So when it’s time to decide what to watch, everyone’s criteria is a little different. Wether it’s because of box office bank, critical acclaim, or a general audience consensus, here are 10 Famous Actors With Only One Good Movie Performance.

Script by: L. Adams

Voice Over by: David Macri

Edited by: Dan Libman

Daniel Radcliffe | 0:32
Jessica Alba | 1:11
Orlando Bloom | 1:50
Cameron Diaz | 2:27
John Travolta | 3:10
Mila Kunis | 3:35
Marlon Wayans | 4:13
Lindsay Lohan | 4:50
Cuba Gooding Jr. | 5:26
Kate Hudson | 6:00

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