10 Famous Actors Who Used Real DRUGS And ALCOHOL In Movies

Here are 10 actors who secretly performed under the influence
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Sometimes drugs and alcohol are referred to as “social lubricant”. Meaning that in an socially uncomfortable situations, it can give us the boost we need to get through it. In the face of something scary, a little liquid courage can make all the difference. Whatever you want to call it, everyone needs a vice. Nobody puts themselves into more awkward situations than an actor. And despite their often flawless appearance, deep down, they get just as nervous as we do and sometimes they need a special cure for it!

Here are Screen Rant’s 10 Incredible Actors Who Performed Under The Influence.

Script by: L. Adams

Voice Over by: Ryan George http://twitter.com/theryangeorge

Jennifer Lawrence | 0:32
Daniel Radcliffe | 1:08
Anna Kendrick and Olivia Wilde | 1:44
Margot Robbie | 2:18
Brad Pitt and Ed Norton | 2:53
Shia LaBeouf | 3:27
Martin Sheen | 4:06
Kevin Spacey | 4:41
Jack Nicholson | 5:17
Carrie Fisher | 5:52

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