10 Famous Actors Who Do The SAME Thing In EVERY Movie

Here are 10 famous movie stars who do the same thing in all their movies! (Ryan Reynolds, Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts and more!)
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Most of us have a favorite actor, and a lot of the time it means we’re more likely to see a movie if they’re in it. For better or worse. Some fans even go as far as binge-watching their favorite performers stuff back to back thanks to the level of access streaming services provide. Often, someone’s entire body of work can be found in the one place. But a few hours in to your marathon, you might start to notice some habits you can’t unsee. These are 10 Famous Actors Who Do The Same Thing In Every Movie.

Script by: L. Adams

Voice Over by: Ryan George http://twitter.com/theryangeorge

Harrison Ford | 0:34
Sean Bean | 1:12
Samuel L. Jackson | 1:51
Michelle Rodriguez | 2:24
Jack Nicholson | 2:57
Brad Pitt | 3:33
Julia Roberts | 4:07
Tom Cruise | 4:39
Ryan Reynolds | 5:15
Nicolas Cage | 5:49

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