10 Famous Actors That Hollywood Won’t Cast Anymore

Here are 10 famous actors nobody wants to work with these days! (Adam Sandler, Cameron Diaz, Sean William Scott and more!)
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Everyone dreams of making it big in Hollywood, but it’s an extremely cutthroat business. It takes a lot of work to get up to the top, and the slightest misstep can ruin a career instantly. The film industry is full of hungry, talented people looking for work, and someone praised as the next major star could be yesterday’s news in the blink of an eye. It happens to even the most famous faces in the movies. No matter how many accolades one scores, the fall from grace can always be right around the corner. Here are 10 famous actors that have disappeared from Hollywood.

Script by: L. Adams

Voice Over by: Ryan George http://twitter.com/theryangeorge

Edited by: Martin Baena

Seann William Scott (American Pie)
Cameron Diaz (Bad Teacher, *** Tape)
Taylor Lautner (Twilight movies)
Adam Sandler (Jack and Jill)
Eddie Murphy (Tower Heist, A Thousand Words)
Tobey Maguire (Spider-Man trilogy)
Katherine Heigel (Knocked Up)
Brendan Fraser (The Mummy)
Hayden Christensen (Star Wars prequels)
Catherine Zeta-Jones (Ocean’s Twelve, Chicago)

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