10 Explanations To Movie Plot Holes You’ve Been Waiting For

Here are 10 explanations to hugely famous movie plots holes!
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No matter how fantastic a film is, none of them are perfect. Even ones deserving of a 5 star rating can have flaws – albeit not as many as other movies. The filmmakers can try to make their story as tight as possible, but there will be the inevitable detail that slips through the cracks as the project makes its way to the screen. Especially after multiple viewings of a personal favorite, there will be a basic plot point or question that needs clearing up. Not everything is apparent in the film, and sometimes fans have to look to other sources to learn everything. Here are 10 answers to movie mysteries you’ve been waiting for.

Script by: Chris Agar @ChrisAgar90

Voice Over by: Rob Flis @Rob_Flis

The Dark Knight Rises | 0:39
Finding Nemo | 1:13
Back To The Future | 1:47
Taxi Driver | 2:21
Citizen Kane | 2:57
Stars Wars: The Phantom Menace | 3:28
Gremlins | 4:04
Independence Day | 4:38
Star Trek | 5:14
Captain America: Winter Soldier | 5:46

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