10 Craziest Secrets Hidden In The Background Of Famous Movies

Here are 10 amazing easter eggs placed in the back of movie scenes!
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The main aim of any given movie is to encapsulate its audience. As a general rule, that’s the job of the actors, so the audience’s eyes are generally focused on them. Whether it’s through breathtaking action, hilarity, sheer emotionally-inspiring brilliance or otherwise, an actor’s performance is designed to keep an audience fixated.Sometimes that can mean missing interesting, weird and wonderful things that might be going on in the background; Extras behaving strangely, bizarre cameos, strange objects or things that simply shouldn’t be there have all been seen in the background of movies.
This video will take a look at some great examples of those things. Here are the ten weirdest things found in the background of famous movies scenes.

Script by: Kevin Stewart

Voice Over by: Ryan George http://twitter.com/theryangeorge

Ghostbusters | 0:47
Mr. Nanny | 1:20
Anchorman | 1:53
The Social Network | 2:22
Back To The Future 3 | 2:49
The Dark Knight Rises | 3:25
Pirates Of The Caribbean | 3:55
Tron | 4:24
Star Trek Into Darkness | 4:55
Iron Man | 5:31

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